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"What Our Customers Are Saying About 2Neat Magazines

"Good afternoon, Brenda, I just wanted to let you know that the February 4, 1952 issue of LIFE arrived today, safely and soundly. It looks great; the Schlitz ad is perfect! I especially appreciate the wonderfully secure packaging job that you did. I look forward to additional purchases. My best!"
Richard (NH)

"Hi Brenda, Une petit photo de mon mur avec mes dernieres aquisitions...je vais continuer a collectionner.. Vous pouvez mettre la photo sur votre site si vous voulez. Congratulation de france!"
Philippe (France)

2Neat Magazines customer testimonial


"BRENDA BRENDA BRENDA - Holy Toledo, after all the delay I caused you sent the troops right over here to Texas...they thundered over the miles and landed right into my mailbox an hour ago. YAHOOOOOOOOOO for you. Wherever you would like me to crow about the way you do business just point. I will tell people who enjoy promises kept and bargains offered to get in line. This sure was fun, and you, as my mother would have said, sure are "a good egg". From your satisfied customer. Thank you!"
Susan (TX)

"Brenda, Thank You for your help. This OLD very nice condition Life Magazine allowed me to reread an article that I misread 52 years ago in an English class my Junior year in High School. That was in 1965 and current thoughts made me search for the article about Lincoln's final burial place. I like being informed correctly, and never would have found it without your help. Thank You again. Sincerely Yours,"
Gary (CA)

"Hi Brenda, I wanted to let you know that the July 25 1938 Life Magazine that I ordered for my dad's 75th birthday arrived exactly on his birthday and in great condition. He was surprised and thrilled. He remarked on how great the condition of the magazine is. Coincidentally, that issue features the British royal family, just as they are in the news this week. Thanks.
Pat (CA)

"Brenda, I just received my order and wanted to send a quick email to thank you for everything. I know I caused a little bit of commotion when I changed my mind about what magazine I wanted. Not only did you gracefully respond to me but you did it quickly. The magazine looks great and I will definitely keep your company in mind for further purchases. Sincerely,
Jennifer (NJ)

"Brenda, you and your company are awesome, I am so relieved to receive the magazine today-waylaying my concerns on the copy arriving in time for the birthday event this Wednesday. I was so excited when the package arrived today! Thank you so very much for the communication and your efforts to complete my order promptly. Sincerely,"
Judy (CA)

"The magazine arrived safely and undamaged. I'm very satisfied with its condition. I think it's even better than described. I'll certainly buy from you again if I'm looking for an old publication, and will tell my friends to do the same. And greetings to the Salida area .... Twin Lakes is one of our favorite hiking bases! Regards,"
Duncan (MD)

"Hello Brenda, This is just to let you know that the magazine has arrived today. I’d like to add that I’m truly delighted, not only with the magazine itself, but also with the packaging and the tracking service provided. Thank you for a perfect, professional transaction and for your friendliness. Have a Merry Christmas."
Jorge (Portugal)

"Hi, I have received my copy of Life. Very pleased with the issue and my dealings with you. Thank you and I wish you a very Happy Easter."
Shirley (Australia)

"Dear Brenda, Our purchase arrived today 1/31/13 via US Postal Service (ordered 1/29). The 1973 Year in Pictures looks great and we were surprised at how quickly it arrived. The condition of the magazine was in excellent condition. We are very pleased with your company and your customer service. Our card was charged correctly. We would recommend 2NEAT MAGAZINE to our friends. Thank you. We are very pleased with our transaction. Just to let you know who this gift will be going to....our daughter was born in 1973.....YES THIS IS THE BIG YEAR SHE TURNS 40!!!!! Thanks again,"
Amy (FL)

"Brenda, Thank you so much! Nice to hear from an honest business person! I received our order over the weekend and have had such a good time looking through them! These are a retirement gift for my father, 1965 was the year he started working. My mother in law thought it was such a great gift idea that I think she will be placing an order soon. Thanks so much!"
Kim (PA)

"Dear Brenda, I received my order today, and once again the service and product was excellent, thank you. Regards
Joe (UK)

"The magazine arrived to much apparent excitement and an enthusiastic and immediate phone call of thanks from the recipient. It's a pleasure to work with you, knowing an order will be processed immediately and correctly. My thanks,"
Donna (IL) and Santina (RI)

"Just wanted to let you know the magazine arrived in a timely manner. It was in such perfect shape. Your a very efficient book/magazine seller. Regards for a Happy Holiday Season!
Sandy (CA)

"Dear Brenda, Received the magazines today! The magazines are perfect! I am amazed at the condition. They are pristine! I could not be more pleased. The two magazines contain an ad and an article featuring my aunt who modeled back in the ‘40s. It is so much fun to see her in print. I will definitely be recommending 2Neat Magazines! Thank-you for sending them so quickly and for the check for the over payment! You’re the best!
Mary (CT)

"Recieved the magazine and wanted to thank you for the quick shipping and the magazine matching the description and condition. Great to find a website with integrity. Thanks again,"
Alan (USA)

LIFE magazine purchased from 2Neat Magazines

"Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for sending the magazines in such good condition. I thought you might enjoy seeing what I did with the magazines. The first case published of a patient being treated for thyroid cancer with radioactive iodine was published in LIFE in 1949. I had the article framed for my office (to right). Thanks!
Nancy (TX) 2015



"Brenda: Got my March 31, 1961 Life magazine today! Thank you so much for the prompt service! This edition of the magazine is actually quite important for some personal research I am doing in that it contains the official color presidential photograph of John F. Kennedy as done by Alfred Eisenstadt of Life Magazine. 2Neat Books and Magazines was the only place that I have been to find this particular edition of Life to get this photograph so I can add a copy of it to my collection! Thanks again!"
Joe (USA)

"Hi Brenda - Thanks - you are wonderful! You made my boss' day - he couldn't believe I was able to come up with that photo - or the magazine - that easily and quickly. You must have more references than what's on the printed page to refer to in order to come up with this 'needle in a haystack'. NIce job - excellent service!"
Ken (USA)

"Thanks, Brenda. The magazine arrived in great time and in great shape. This issue included a 5 page feature on my aunt who worked on airplanes in a factory during World War II. My uncle thought he had kept a copy but had lost it. Thanks again for great service!"
Kenneth (USA)

"Dearest Brenda, WOW WOW WOW!!!!! I have the incredible Life Magazine already!!! You are the BOMB!! I referred what I hope are some other prospective customers to you, and can't thank you enough for your great work and outstanding products!!!! I am BEYOND a huge fan!!! Sincere Regards,
Amy (USA)

"Hi Brenda, I was VERY pleased with the Magazine and it was all I had hoped it would be, I ordered it for an 82 year old Vet , who was on the rescue mission of the 11 who survivored the Alps crash that Captain Tate was involved in. When he opened the package and went through the magazine to find the article and then read it and am sure there were tears in his eyes and I know there was a twinkle in his eye. Thank you!"
Joan (USA)

"Hi Brenda, Just received my order. I was surprised that it arrived so fast. I was very happy with the condition of the book. I had a choice of 'good' or 'very good' and the 'good' I received exceeded my expectations. The 'very good' choice must be exceptional. I wanted this copy because in 1966 I was part of the crew that worked with photographer Arnold Newman on the portraits of the new cars story. He was chosen to do these photos because he was a noted portrait photographer and it was felt that he could bring out the character of these vehicles. I had looked for a copy of this magazine article for many years, I'm glad I ran across your site. Thank you again,
Jerry (USA)

"Brenda, my copy of LIFE magazine (Sept 15, 1941) arrived today. Packaging was in perfect order. I'm really pleased with the magazine (in great condition also) as it contains an article about HMS Illustrious, a Royal Navy aircraft carrier on which my dad served. My dad is in one of the photographs and so this particular copy of LIFE magazine means a lot to me. Thanks again, keep up the good work."
Tom (England)

"Greetings, Brenda. I want to tell you I just received my excellent copy of the December 20, 1954 issue of Life magazine. It arrived in tremendous condition! Thank you for taking such good care of this, and for your prompt service. It is a pleasure to do business with 2Neat. Sincerely,"
James (USA)

2Neat Life magazines on display in Germany
2Neat LIFE magazines on display at an art retrospective in a German art gallery.

"Dear Brenda, I just wanted to drop you a note to truly THANK YOU not only for your quick response to my inquiries, but for your incredibly expedient shipping!!! I am in AWE of your company and am now a permanent loyal customer! I just got the magazines TODAY, and a weight has been lifted off me knowing that they're here and VERY on time! The quality of the magazines is fantastic as well! I don't think people take the time sometimes to let someone know just how appreciated they are and YOU are truly appreciated! Thank you too, for being so kind to ship them together and save me an extra shipping charge! I hope the rest of your week is a very good one, and just wanted you to know how truly impressed I am with you! Sincere Regards,"
Amy (USA)

"I received my Life magazine today. I am absolutely thrilled. My mom was a debutante in Atlanta in 1940. She had elaborate scrapbooks. In one of my moves they were lost. I have never lived it down. I plan to give her the copy of Life tomorrow for an early Christmas present. She is 88 years old and is in a skilled care nursing center. I plan to copy her pictures because I will not leave the original copy there. I use to look at old vintage copies at different antique shows but she could not remember the issue and I of course could not look through the 100's of Life magazine. Your website made it so easy. Thank you so much!! "
Lynn (USA)

"Brenda: I just received the magazine. Thank you very much for the prompt shipment and the very good condition it was kept in. Will definitely tell others about your site. Thanks once again. Regards,"
Saahir (USA)

"Hi there, as you requested I'm writing to inform you the Life magazine arrived yesterday. It was in truly fantastic condition, I'm impressed! Thanks,"
Steven (France)

"Hello Brenda Wiard. I have gott the magazine and it was in very nise chape. The magazin arrived 8.Januar at Nesbyen. The reason that I order this magazin is the front page picture off Olaf Rodegård. He is stil living in Nesbyen . He is nearly 100 yares old now and he was skiing up to an adge off 96 yares old. Thank you for the service.
Ragnar (Norway)

"Brenda, you are the BEST!!!! I'll be back soon, because I've found the perfect gift, thanks to you. My friend (I sent her the NYC blackout magazine and the 2 JFK magazines) CRIED when she got them, she was so happy. She and I were working in NYC during the blackout and we were stuck underground in the subway and had to be walked out along the tracks, in the dark, by a police officer. It's a memory we share of an amazing night in New York - all the restaurants were giving away free food and beverage because refrigeration was out, etc. and we were babies, first jobs, and we had the time of our life with our co-workers. Perfect gift. I'll be back after the new year, but thank you again for EVERYTHING!!!
Judi (USA)

"THANK YOU for your quick delivery! The magazine is great! It is exactly what I needed to verify information about the architects who designed our A&M Consolidated High School in the late 50s. The condition of the (FAIR) magazine is much better than I expected!"
Anne (USA)

"Brenda, My magazine has arrived and it is such a treat. It has an article about a high school band that went to Trinidad in 1956. I was in that band and always wished I'd kept a copy. I googled a few words and there you were! Thank You"
Kathe (USA)

"Dear Brenda: We received our order today. Excellent service! The 9/10/56 issue is in perfect condition and the time from order to receipt is well beyond expectations. I purchased this for my wife who turned 50. We're giving her a belated surprise party next month. She will certainly enjoy this gift. I've told all my colleagues about your site, which I found while searching for 1956 magazine ads to make a collage. When I found 2Neat Books, my search ended. This is much better than a collage.
Thank you again for the excellent service and follow-up email confirmations. I book marked your site and will surely be shopping again. Very Satisfied in NJ"
Richard (USA)

"Dear Ms Wiard, This is just to let you know that my copy of LIFE magazine March 11 1957 has arrived safely and I am very pleased with it. I was particularly impressed by the way it was packed and the obvious care that was taken in its despatch. I will most certainly recommend your service to my friends. May I wish you every success in the future! I'm just having fun reading about JFK when he was but a humble Senator! Warmest Regards,"
WILLIAM (Australia)

"It arrived -- in great condition, just as you said. Thank you so much! And Happy New Year to you and yours!"
Cassandra (USA)

"Got the my '''treasured Life Magazine''' the other day in PERFECT CONDITION...that's a great way to ship them in a flattened Priority Mail box...doesn't get any better than that... You run a great website with more DETAILED information than anyone else I know of. I had been looking through various wartime issues of life magazine in shops for YEARS looking for this issue (prior to the internet days)... A few days ago I did an internet search using the some of the '''keywords''' from the caption and found YOU and your WEBSITE in seconds... I did notice that when I got my magazine that the INDEX page didn't even mention it. When I was shopping in stores and didn't have much time all I would do is check the INDEX pages to see if I could spot it."
Andy & Lucy (USA)

"Hi Brenda -- Unbelievably, I received the magazine I ordered this morning! It was waiting for me in today's mail. I personally think the (fair) magazine is in beautiful condition and I'm very happy to have it. You'll definitely be hearing from me again -- there are a few more issues of Life that I'd like to snatch up in the near future. :-) Thanks again. What a treat -- I'm glad I found your website. :-)"
Suzanne (USA)

"Hello Brenda, I was going thru my old emails and found an old email from you. I am one of your old customers and I am writing to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! The Life magazine is still with me in India ( I relocated in year 2007). The replacement magazine that I got was donated to the ashram of Ramana Maharshi. A photo essay on Mahrshi had appeared in that particular issue (printed in 1949). I still remember how you handled my case and closed it. I am very grateful. May God bless you and your family with joy, peace and prosperity. Regards,"
Ramasamy (India)

"Just a few lines to let you know that my order arrived safe and sound this Friday: I received a clean, crisp magazine, perfectly packaged. Thank you very much for your excellent service!"
Daniel (Mexico)

"HI Brenda, I was thrilled to receive the above Life magazine on Wednesday. It will be the perfect gift for my cousin who was born during the week of publication. Your service couldn’t have been swifter, and the magazine is in better condition than expected (for one listed as Fair). In fact, I ordered books from another vendor the same day, but your package was the first to arrive. Thank you for such good service. When the occasion next arises, I will be sure to use your service again. Sincerely,
Stephanie (USA)

"Hello Brenda, I received the September 8, 1958 isssue of Life Magazine I ordered from you. It arrived promptly on Saturday, October 3 (two days), and was in pristine condition. Thank you for your care in shipping it. This magazine has a wonderful article of the Galapagos Islands in it. My Dad was on an expedition in Ecuador, South America, getting ready to sail to the Galapagos Islands in a few weeks when this edition of Life Magazine came out. It will make a nice memento of the days he spent there. Thank you. Sincerely,"
Theresa (USA)

"I received my magazine and am very happy with it. When I originally ordered it, a few people I spoke with wanted to know what the received product would be like before they thought of ordering. After seeing the product (I received this at work because it is a present for my husband) I have had more than a few people want copies of the packing slip so they can look into ordering some themselves. Thank you!!!"
Susan (USA)

"Dear Brenda, My life magazine arrived today as expected. You may like to know that it will be framed with a 1939 chodachrome print of my grandfather sitting outside by the family farmhouse reading this issue of Life. It makes a great historical record of life back then and a record of chodachrome film which went on the market in 1936. Thank you for helping make this possible!"
John (USA)

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"Dear Brenda, Wow, that was fast. My magazines just arrived in the mail today, two days after I placed the order and they are fantastic! I ordered two Life magazines, one printed the week before and one the week after my parents wedding 50 years ago. We are planning their Golden Anniversary celebration and I know they will enjoy taking a look back in time and remembering the world as it was when they married. Thanks so much and I'm already spreading the word about your great site.Sincerely,"
Catherine (USA)

"Just a quick note to thank you for the Life magazine I bought from you. I can't believe how quickly it got here. The magazine was a gift for a Cuban friend of mine whose mother appeared in the edition I ordered. As he has no photos of her as a young woman, he and his mother were absolutely thrilled with it. I visited them just now to give them the magazine and they were almost in tears looking at the article. Thanks for a wonderful service."
Joel (Spain)

"Thanks very much for your very fast delivery of the two LIFE magazines featuring the art of Alton S. Tobey, that I received today; and also for your personal attention to my special requests, that I don't usually get from other magazine dealers. The two magazines exceeded my expectations in terms of condition, and are in what I would call "very good" as opposed to "good" condition as described on your web site -- far better than any others I have purchased from anyone else. The packaging was also far better than I've ever seen from other magazine sources I've used in the past -- very professional. Best of luck for your future plans for exanding the titles in your collection, and sincerest regards,"
Joe (USA)

"Brenda, Thanks for the referal ...right on target. I received the 10 Oct 1969 issue of LIFE. It is great! I found prevoiusly unknown photos of 4 of my high school classmates from Corona del Mar HS in Newport Beach CA. Great fun. Thanks again."
Kenneth (USA)

"Hi Brenda, I recieved the magazine I ordered yesterday. I was really pleased with it. It was in great shape. I am very happy with the service and quick shipping. As background, the LIFE magazine I got was July 1958 with a cover story on Marines in Lebanon. My father served in that operation. I plan to give him the magazine for fathers day. I am sure it will bring back lots of memories from his time there and the 50's in general. Thanks,
Clark (USA)

"Dear Brenda, Today I've received the magazine. It is in excellent condition and I want you to know that I'm very satisfied with the efficient service provided by you. As soon as I can I'll contact you for a new purchase, and no doubt I'll tell my friends about 2Neat Magazines. Thank you very much and greetings from Brazil."
Joel (Brazil)

"Just a note to tell you I received the magazine in good shape very quickly. Thank you very much for your timeliness and concern for detail. I will recommend you to all my friends as a legitimate source of top notch historical magazines."
Alan (USA)

"Dear Brenda, I received my Life Magazine and I am so thankful that you were able to supply this for me as I am pictured in there with an article they did on Chuck Barris, I am having such a good time showing it around to people I work with now and am now considered a celebrity, hee hee. I will treasure this book till the day I die."
Trixie (USA)

"Your shipping advisory of 24-Jul-2010 asked to hear from me when my purchase arrived. It has and I am very happy to have the Life magazine of 27-Jan-1958. For your interest: It contains an article my uncle Pat Reese, who was a writer for the North Carolina Fayetteville Observer wrote about an incident between the Klan and Lumbee Indians. He slanted his article, and future ones, in favor of the Lumbee (in 1958!) and was threatened by the Klan for his work. Recently the Lumbee honored him, posthumously, with an medal and honorary membership into the tribe. I accepted the awards in his name. Since then I have been trying to collect all I can on this incident. So you can see what finally getting this magazine means to me. Thanks."
Pat (USA)

"Brenda, I was very surprised when I opened my package containing the Life 1963 June (Exc) magazine! So much so, I ordered 4 more….. Your system of grading has been the best experience I’ve had…..soon all my friends will know as well. Thanks again."
Ken (USA)

"Hi Brenda, I just wanted to let you know that the magazine arrived as promised and in far better condition that I expected! I ordered the magazine as a gift for my father, as he was in the 82nd Airborne in WWII and there was a small article and photos of the 82nd at the Victory Parade in New York. My dad marched in that parade. He couldn't believe it was an actual magazine from 1946. Thank you very much, I couldn't be happier! I would certainly purchase from you again and tell my friends too! Thanks again.
April (USA)

"Magazine arrived today (Tuesday), fantastic service. Now I have seen the quality of the magazines you sell I will probably be back for more. Thanks a lot, and may I wish you a Merry Christmas."
June (United Kingdom)

"Thank you sooooo much Brenda. I received the package today and it was in perfect condition and it was the fastest I have ever received an order that I placed ever. Again, thank you and I will certainly recommend your site to others....Thanks again!"
Heather (USA)

"Hi Brenda, Your package arrived today safe and sound. Thank you so much for the prompt and efficient service. I have bought several magazines now from 2Neat and have been impressed with the all round service and quality of product on every occasion. Thanks again. I will certainly tell my friends."
Sharon (USA)

"THANK YOU 2 Neat!!! It really is too neat to have this LIFE magazine, as the person on the cover was a great friend of mine. Thanks to you guys, I have a great memento of him. Thank you again."
Cindy (USA)

"Hi Brenda - The six Life Magazines arrived today, beautifully packed and astonishingly well preserved. I remember some of them from my early childhood; it is very exciting seeing them again – and also a little disconcerting! You described the magazines and their contents very well indeed, the best I’ve seen on the web; I was impressed by the hard work, but also by the enthusiasm – plus the wry comment or four. Congratulations! I will tell friends. And I will be back. Best Wishes
Michael (United Kingdom)

"Just received Boris and we are very pleased. Thank you for a great transaction, better then ebay and other sites. Will visit you again."
Jerry & Linda (USA)

"Brenda, I received the magazine today. Thanks so much. I have to share this little story with you: I couldn't wait to give it to my Dad. So I gave it to him today. When he looked at it, the cover didn't strike any memory. But, when he read the date, it clicked right away, and he said "Popie was in this issue," and started to cry. I'm 32, dad is 72, and I can only remember ONE other time that I saw my dad cry! He then explained "this is the best gift I ever received," and my dad is not one to through around superlatives like that. He then spent about 1/2 hour entertaining my brother and I with stories of the family and growing up in 1930's/40's Brooklyn, NY. So, thanks again for the item, and especially for taking the time to actually index the contents of the magazine. You've made a big difference someone's life and really made our day!!!"
Philip (USA)

"I received the magazine. It was packaged perfectly and I was quite happy with both the description and then the end result product -- very accurate. Let me also say that I was very, VERY impressed with your professionalism, along with your speedy email response and subsequent shipping. I have bookmarked your site for future purchases and to recommend to friends and family. Thank you again -- I'm so pleased!"
Brooke (USA)

"I received the magazine yesterday! Your company is wonderful, I will spread the word! Thank you also for researching the Farmers' Almanac , your the best!"
Annette (USA)

"Magazine arrived today in good order! In case you're interested in how i found you, I was looking for info in `Google` on ... ... ... and a ref. came up to an article in one of your mag`s! It's got some great pics and I`m looking forward to browsing though it further. Thanks very much for prompt eficient service!!!"
Alexander (Wales)

"Hello Brenda: I wanted to let you know I received the Magazine in excellent shape and I am very pleased. Thank you for the quick shipment and excellent packaging. I plan to do more business with you! Thanks Again for such a pleasant transaction. Regards,"
Bill (USA)

"Dear Brenda Wiard, I have just received a wonderful copy of Life Magazine (Dec 6, 1948)! Thanks a lot! The magazine is in excellent condition and the package arrived really quickly! (I think it took less than a week!) Best wishes from Innsbruck."
Gaby (Austria)

"Hello Brenda! I received my LIFE magazine today!!!! (It is a dated Nov. 8, 1954 issue of LIFE magazine). I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my order. It is for my husband's birthday this Thursday! (he was born on 11/9/54). I know he will absolutely love it!! Thank you so much for the superior and outstanding service you provided. I will not hesitate to access your site again, and I will recommend it to others. You're terrific! Thanks again!!"
Lilly (USA)

"Hi Brenda, Thanks so much. The magazine arrived yesterday and it's wonderful. It's exactly as described and your shipping is lightening fast. I'm very impressed with your items and your service. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to doing business with you again. Have a great weekend. Take care and thanks again,"
Julie (USA)

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"Dear Brenda: This is to inform you that I just received the Life Magazine. Everything is in order, and the magazine is spectacular! Thank you very much. Kind Regards."
Debbie (Israel)

"Brenda, I just had to email you and let you know that my mother loved the magazines (Life from 1958). She cried! I am sure I will be ordering more because now her brothers and sisters want copies. I just wanted to say thank you again for helping make my mothers Christmas!"
Becky (USA)

"Many thanks for the safe arrival of magazine which arrived yesterday.Very pleased with the condition,looked like it was hot of the press. A Happy Christmas and New Year to you all.
Ken (Isle of Man)

"Brenda, I received my March 6th, 1964 life magazine today. I never write responses or reviews but I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this copy. It's virtually flawless! I couldn't ask for a better copy. I'm sure to order more very soon. Thank You.
Brion (USA)

"Sorry for the delay in replying. The magazines arrived safely and in good shape only about three or four days after they were shipped!! This was not my first purchase of your products, and you can be sure it will not be the last! Thank you very much and kind regards."
Enrica (Italy)

"Brenda, The magazine came today and it looks great. I expect this to be a special 40th birthday gift and is bound to be a standout among all the gag gifts. I found your website to be very descriptive about the specific content of the magazine and the condition. Your prices are fair--please keep them that way and I will shop with you again. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."
Maureen (USA)

"Thanks, Brenda! I got the LIFE a few days ago and am thrilled with it. Even though the photo is small, it's the size of the world to me. I can't wait to show it to my Uncle."
Daun (USA)

"Brenda: Thanks so much for your prompt delivery of the two Life magazines. They arrived last Monday --in great condition--and I finally had a chance to look through them over the weekend--what fun! (I did look at the Flintkote ad right away though!) The Flintkote ad brought back memories---the little dachshund in the photo on the tailgate of the car belonged to my best friend, Stephanie, who lived in the house across the street--they shot the ad from her driveway. I didn't realize that her dog was in the photo. On the left of the part of our house that was visible, was our neighbor's house, still under construction. The two windows showing with the turquoise shutters were in my bedroom (left) and my brother's (right). My husband loved looking at the old car ads and the TV ad and ironically--especially after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan---the cover story is about mercy ships --or hospital ships that go to disaster areas to help out. Thanks again. Your service was great and the magazines in excellent condition!
Lorraine (USA)

"I received my package. The your service was great and the magazine is amazing. Thank you very much. I will tell many others."
Melissa (USA)

"The LIFE Magazine I ordered arrived here in Calif. only six days (media mail) after you acknowledged receipt of my check. It was nicely packaged in a clear plastic envelope within a stiff flat mailer which I retained in order to preserve it. This 1985 issue was in almost-new condition without any tears or damage. I am very satisfied with my order and won't hesitate to do business with you again."
William (USA)

"Hi Brenda, When I got home tonight, I raced to the front door and there they were! They are in better condition than I hoped for. Very nice job of wrapping and shipping. Thanks. When I looked through the magazine, it all came back to me why my father kept this particular issue. ... ... ... Thank you for your help. You will be hearing from me again, as soon as I figure out what to choose next.
Ron (USA)

February 28, 1944 life magazine cover November 26, 1956 life magazine cover March 13, 1970 life magazine cover

"Once again, my package arrived in excellent shape and in a timely manner; thanks so much; I will definitely be a repeat customer (again) and have been telling my friends about how cool 2neat magazines is! Thanks again!!"
Marshall (USA)

"Thanks Brenda, this is awesome. My dad couldn’t remember the dates on that magazine and I was able to find the story he wanted because of the summaries at 2Neat. He’ll get a real kick out of it."
Amy (USA)

"I have received the Life magazines. It was so quick, and they are NEAT! I could not find the issues elsewhere, and I finally got them. Today, I ordered other issues again for my friend. Thank you."
Miyuki (Japan)

"Hello Brenda, This is my second purchase through 2Neat Magazines. I must say the first was an excellent experience. Magazine was received promptly and in excellent condition. My father was in the issue…he was one of the boxers in the Charlie Goldman article….we are ordering another of the same issue for a family member. Truly a treasured issue to us! How exciting for it to even be available for purchase! Thanks again and we look forward to receiving this magazine!
Roseanne (USA)

"Hello Brenda, I wanted to let you know that I received the beautiful LIFE magazine. I can't wait to give it to my Dad. Thankyou for your great service. Kind regards,"
Michelle (Australia)

"Brenda. This was my first time using your 2neat Magazines and I am very impressed with the service and the speedy delivery. Thank you so much and I will definitely spread the word!"
Amy (USA)

"Just received the 2 Life Magazines I ordered and they’re great! Initially I searched eBay for old magazines where I found an issue I liked; however I didn’t know if the price was reasonable. So, I did a Google search where I found your website. The item was exactly as described and communication was superb. I’m anxious to see my Dad’s reaction at Christmas. Thanks!"
Val (USA)

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"Hi Brenda, Just writing to let you know I received my two magazines and I am very happy with them. I have told my family as you know and also have showed my co-workers and told them about your website. Have a great day!
Sandi (Nova Scotia)

"I received my package on Wednesday (I ordered on Monday evening, a holiday)! Thank you very much for the fast delivery. The magazine was packaged nicely and the condition was exactly as you described. I will recommend your service!"
Laurette (USA)

"Brenda: The Life magazine arrived yesterday and I feel it was described accurately and I found your pricing fair. Thank you!"
Mary (USA)

"Received the magazines today - only 2 days. Have you folks discovered the secret of warp drive? {:-) Both arrived in excellent condition, even better than promised! On the proverbial scale of 1 to 10, you rate somewhere up in the 40's. You can be sure I'll be doing business with you again in the very near future, as well as recommending your site to a number of people I know who like myself are fans of vintage issues of Life and other magazines. Again, thank you for a fine website and top-of-the-line service all around. Hope to do business with you again really soon!"
Mario (USA)

"Hi, Brenda. The magazines have arrived in excellent condition. Thanks again for a splendid and quick service! Kindest regards."
Mark (Belgium)

"I have received the Life Magazine, Disney cover, 1971 and was much more than I expected and I thank you very much for an excellent product, great service and on time delivery. And I'll pass this on to others as well as coming back to 2neatmagazines for future orders."
Eddy (USA)

"Received my magazine today and was really pleased with the magazine and the quick delivery. I will definitely be doing some repeat business and won't hesitate to recommend you to my friends."
Susan (USA)

"Hi Brenda, I just wanted to let you know that I received my copy of Life magazine and am more than pleased. It is in great condition and it got here quick. I will definitely bookmark your site and pass it along to my family and friends. Thanks for the great service."
John (USA)

"My magazines arrived today, four days after I ordered them. I couldn't be more pleased. I am using them as research for a novel set in 1961. What a wonderful resource. Thanks."
Elizabeth (USA)

"Package arrived this morning's post. So many thanks for lightning fast, professional service. Magazine was better condition than expected. I can not even begin to express my satisfaction and delight buying from you.Many thanks."
William (USA)

"Hello Brenda; I give notice I have received the magazine. The package arrived on time. I liked the level of conservation of the magazine. Thanks."
Raimundo (Brazil)

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the magazine. That was fast. Thank you so much. I will definitely keep you in mind if I need any more Life magazines. Thanks again."
Nancy (USA)

"Greetings Brenda. I would like you to know that the Life Magazines as dispatched by you, arrived safely at this location yesterday. I am very happy with the additional information... ... ... contained therein and it will be of immense help to me. My sincerest THANKS to you and it has been a great pleasure doing business with such a lovely and professional lady and if I need further data, I certainly know the RIGHT PLACE to locate it. Happy Easter Time to you.
John (Ireland)

"Brenda, Received the Life issue and all is great. I worked with the broker featured in the article “The Broker’s Life” during my years on the NYSE floor and lost my copy of the issue. Glad to have another copy. Will recommend your site to friends gladly. Best,"
Kate (USA)

"I recently recieved the magazine and it was great. just what i was looking for.thank you so much and ill be sure to tell peaple about 2neat."
Trinity (USA)

"Just wanted to say thank you for the very fast delivery of the 10-3-1955 LIFE magazine, it's great! I purchased it for a 50th birthday gift and I am sure they are going to love it! I look forward to ordering from you again. Thank you."
Danáe (USA)

"Dear Brenda, My life Magazine arrived and it is really in amazing condition almost pristine. It arrived so quickly too. I really wasn't expecting it to be in such good condition. Thank you so much. I will definitely tell others and I will also look over what you have and may order some more. Thanks again for a perfect experience."
Sue (USA)

"Thanks so much for the fast delivery of my Life magazine. I am really pleased with your service."
Mahe (USA)

"The November 21, 1938, Life magazine I purchased from you arrived safely on Friday. It looks great and will make a nice gift for my 70 year-old father, born two days before that issue. Thanks for the prompt service!"
Andy (USA)

"Magazine arrived safe today FANTASTIC!!!!! thank you very much."
Mike (USA)

"Brenda !! i got them..they are great......i almost cried when i saw the photo & article of my husband ! we were so young...thank you thank you."
Nina (USA)

"Brenda, Hello! I received the Marilyn magazine today. Thank you so much!!! I know when you say VG that it is! I love it, like the other one. I'll be getting another in the next couple of months... thanks for the quick shipping and friendly service!
Andrea (USA)

"Just wanted to express my thanks for the magazine I ordered. I thought you might want to know just how special these vintage magazines can be ... my father passed away 15 years ago at a young age ... ... ... and was featured in Life magazine. I have been looking high and low for a copy of this magazine, as all I have are photo copies of the article. Thanks to you I finally have a copy, it is in excellent condition, and it will be one of my treasured items that I pass down to generations after me. Thank you so much."
Cory (USA)

"Received my January 19, 1949 edition of Life today. Thanks for the quick shipment and excelant quality item. I ordered this because my 3rd Great-Grandfather ... ... is featured in this issue. This will be something great to share with my family. Thank you."
Darren (USA)

"Ms. Wiard, Thank you so much. ... ... ... It's nice to have some record of some family history (even if he was a mobster) so I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to do this research for me. Thanks again."
Donielle (USA)

"Just wanted to say that I got my previous order today and am very happy. The conditions of the magazines are much better than I expected. I looked at a few other websites and their magazines were more expensive and they charged extra for a protective cover. I didn't think your shipping charges were too bad and was pleased how quickly I got my order. I forgot to order one for my husband and he feels left out so I am ordering his now. Thanks for a great website, I'll definitely recommend it to anyone I know looking for vintage magazines."
Sonda (USA)

"Good Afternoon, I would like to thank you for your prompt shipment. I will certainly tell my friends and family to visit your site for books and publications. I was eight years old when the riots took place, my father never allowed us to spend another summer in the city again! When I visit him for Father’s Day I will flip through the magazine and embrace him."
Phillip (USA)

"We received your magazine (I bought it for my husband) and he is thrilled! He rushed off and showed all his friends who were equally impressed. Thank you so much for your wonderful service!"
Jessica (USA)

"Hi Brenda! This is one happy customer! Item arrived today in perfect shape! The Life Issue was in a lot better shape than you described! I am not a dealer, so this will be treasured. You see, I used to have this magazine which I bought with my parent's allowance. Unfortunately, when I was away at school, my kid brother put a cold bottle of Coke on it and ruined the cover. Since we were on a tight budget, my folks refused to let me have another quater to buy it again. It only took me decades to locate this issue at an affordable price like yours. You have no idea the amount of time I've spent on Swapmeets with no result. I shall be coming back to your site since there are other Life and Look issues I'd like to have (again). It was a pleasure. Thank you again and I wish you continued success.
Carlos (USA)

"Hi Brenda, The Magazine actually arrived while I was there visiting my sister! Fantastic. It was a super hit. I'll definitely be shopping with you more. Thanks so much. Kind regards,
Bradley (USA)

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"Just wanted to inform you that our magazine arrived today. The magazine is in great condition and we are pleased with our order. I am reading a book called "The Family Nobody Wanted" to my kids, a true story about a couple who adopted a large interracial family back in the 40s. This particular issue of LIFE had a pictorial article about the family, so I ordered it to surprise my kids so they can see exactly what everyone looks like. I can't wait to pick them up from school today! Thanks for making two little girls very happy ... Blessings on your business."
Renee (USA)

April 19, 1937 life magazine cover June 12, 1944 life magazine cover December 1, 1961 life magazine cover

"Thanks for the excellent service. Was glad to receive the Life magazine as promised and in good condition."
Miriam (USA)

"Dear Brenda, My sister in law, received the issue of Life magazine and had this to say:

Hi B and T! I received the most wonderful Life Magazine I've ever read! It arrived Sat. in very good condition; the mailing label was still readable. Of course I was very moved by the pictures of Mom; I think she was in at least 6 or 7. ... ... ....and I cried thinking of a special trip mom & dad went on when we were kids...they went back to Washington D.C. to see the place where they met & fell in love!!!!!! Thank you for a Beautiful remembrance!!!!!!!!

Just thought I'd let you know that another family member is so pleased. I am 100% pleased with all the transactions. You have a very reliable, trustworthy business.
Bonnie (USA)

"Thanks for the incredibly fast delivery of my order for a Life Magazine. Really nice job! Very happy!"
Doug (USA)

"We recieved the Life magazine today (Sat). It is in excellent condition, better than we expected. Thank you so much for the quick delivery. We will always remember 2neat magazines for future purchases, and i will refer anyone who is looking for old books or magazines. Much Thanks!"
Crystal (USA)

"Hello Brenda - just wanted to let you know that the 2 "Life" magazines arrived yesterday in great condition - very impressed with the quality - thanks very much."
Dave (USA)

"Received magazine as ordered. Very pleased with product and service!! I will order again!"
Harrell (USA)

"Hi, just wanted to let you know I received my magazine today. I couldn't be happier!!! It is awesome!!! I've already been showing it off to my co-workers. I will definately recommend you and hopefully be a future customer!! Thanks so much!!"
Suzi (USA)

"Hello Brenda, Just wanted to inform you that I received my copy of the Life Magazine 1954. I was VERY impressed with the speed and ease of the transaction! The magazine was in better shape than I had even hoped for! Thank you!"
Laura (USA)

"Hey it got here already! This is perfect. What a neat gift to give someone! Thanks so much; especially for granting the wish to be delivered at a certain time. This really worked out fantastically!"
Katherine (USA)

"Hello Brenda, I am really pleased with the Jan. 15 1951 LIFE magazine that has arrived here safely and so quickly. Thank you for processing my order personally. I am thrilled to have the original copy of the iconic photograph and article about "The Irascibles" featured in this copy. I am studying these artists as part of my Fine Art degree dissertation here in England. I will recommend your site to other students. Thank you again."
Maris (England)

"Thank you very much! The magazines are in great condition! I really appreciate the quick quick service. I don't usually like to order on the internet because there is also a mistake or something but your service was really amazing. You could teach other companies a thing or two. Thanks again!"
Stanley (USA)

"Hi Brenda, I received the shipment today, thank you!!! It is wonderful and just what I was looking for. Is there anywhere I can leave feedback? If not, then please consider this email as much appreciation for sending the "perfect gift" to me. Have a great day! Regards,
Candace (USA)

"Good morning Brenda, Thank you so much for your speedy dispatch of the LIFE magazine which I ordered. It arrived safely last week. Regrds"
Michael (France)

"Many Thanks! The "LIFE" Magazine is GR8T! I even forgot about "The Treasures" on the cover. I'm even going to check on them in 2009! The two (2) picture spread was JUST like I remembered. I can even see the faces of my other members who went to the scene with me!. Thanks again, I'll be sure to let my friends and family know where I found a copy! A REALly 2neatmagazine site!!! ;-)"
Mickey (USA)

"Wow thank you i received it so fast.... the reason we purchased this is because my brother googled our name and discovered our father was in it we never knew he was in the magazine before... thanks for your speedy delivery."
Paula (USA)

"Hello Brenda! The Magazin arrived today safely. Many many thanks for the good service! best regards,"
Thorsten (Germany)

"Hello, Received the magazine this weekend. It's amazing, that I can get a 1967 magazine in virtually perfect condition. Thanks. When I show the magazine around, I'll definitely tell my friends about your service.
Aram (USA)

"Brenda: I received the package today. Thank you for the fast service. I am completely satisfied with the transaction. I wanted that issue of
Life for a book I am writing about World War II in the Pacific. Yes, I will recommend your company to others.
Michael (USA)

"Thank you, Brenda..my order was received both timely and in wonderful condition. I will be happy to pass the word along to my friends about 2Neat Books and Magazines as an excellent resource."
Julie (USA)

"Thank you very much - we received our magazine yesterday - We are so happy with it."
Lisa (United Kingdom)

"Just a short note to say thank you for your wonderful website. Because of the detailed descriptions you have of the Life Magazines, I was able to locate an issue of Life that featured photos my grandparents and great grandparents. I knew that they were in a magazine in the 1940s, but had no idea which magazine... After months of online searching, I found them mentioned on your website, and have since purchased the magazine. Again, thank you."
Bill (USA)

"Hi Brenda, The magazine was delivered 11/23; I picked up my mail today, 11/24, and found my order just as expected :o). Thank you for providing trustworthy, reliable service. Live Well,"
Kathy (USA)

"Thanks! Received the May 5 1952 of Life that I ordered a couple of days ago and it looks great! I Appreciate Professionalism,"
Fritz (USA)

"Thanks for my order!!! It came just in time for my trip to go see my grammy. I haven't seen her in almost 5 years and this is the perfect present for her, because she was in this issue of life magazine!!!!"
Morgan (USA)

"Hello Brenda, Yesterday I have recieved the magazine I have been looking for so long. Thank you so much , and it is in a very good condition, - just perfect for a present. My mother and baby brother is pictured in there. Thank you. Regards,"
Gisela (Germany)

"I received my magazine yesterday (Friday). I'm very pleased with it, and with the service. It's just as I hoped and arrived in plenty of time to give to the person I ordered it for. Thank you!"
Angelo (USA)

"Thank you so much! The magazine arrived today and it's even better than I expected. I ordered it because one of the articles is about Lee Duncan with 5 generations of Rin Tin Tins. I am on the Board of Directors for Rin Tin Tin, Inc. and I am very fortunate to own a 9th generation Rin Tin Tin. Thanks again,"
Becky (USA)

"Dear Brenda, Just received the LIFE magazine. Want to let you know it's in great state and I'm very happy with it. Will recommend 2neatmagazines to others interested in old copies of LIFE. Regards,"
Arjan (Netherlands)

"A second thank you Brenda! I had no idea that such a service was available. The magazine arrived on time and in excellent condition. What a pleasure to look at those pictures of Lieutenant General Barcus again. Also since I am a printer, it was so interesting to look at the advertising that was used in this magazine 57 years ago. And the cost of the magazine was only 20 cents. The good old days! I'll recommend you service to my friends."
Ed (USA)

"Wow! Just got them! A blast from the past. They are birthday presents for my sister and mom who turn 40 and 70 next month. Excellent service. Thank you!"
Larry (USA)

"Thank you Brenda and company, package arrived today and I already have it in a nice display shadow box and will put other Disney stuff in it. Very good service!"
Lee (USA)

"Thank You Brenda! The LIFE Magazine was perfect! It was the hit of the party! I will use you again in the future! Have a good day!"
Cheryl (USA)

"Dear Ms. Wiard : Thank you for promptly sending me the very fine copy of LIFE Magazine, February 25, 1952. My picture of Howard Koch returning from Korea war was Picture of the Week in that issue. I located the LIFE copy from your excellent index on the web which is a most helpful way to find copies of LIFE which I neglected to save. Best regards,"
Robert (USA).

"Thank you Brenda. I looked for this issue on the streets of NYC for over a year. Your copy was in mint condition. I loved much of what I saw inside by Morton Roberts. I would definitely recommend your company to collectors..."
Michele (USA)

"Magazine arrived safe & sound a couple of days ago Brenda. I’m very very pleased with it & particularly your service. With Appreciation,"
Boyce (New Zealand)

"Hello Brenda—just passing along some info…the magazines arrived this morning, I am pleased with the unexpected fast service. I do not know if you personally fill/pack orders (I do) but…the cover of one issue is a full page photo of a large wave in the ocean and the double issue is devoted to and entitled ‘The Sea’--- this issue if for my son’s 50th birthday on Dec.28th and the irony is that he has spent his life in the ocean—swimmer, surfer, boater, windsurfer and now kite boarder… and would never consider living where he didn’t have access to it. The other issue is for my sister-in-laws birthday also …and the cover on hers is a photo of a couple in uniform entitled-Navy Couple. And the second example of irony—their whole family -- father, brothers ,nephews and Navy Pilot daughter (Naval Academy grad.)—have always been “big deal Navy”. Not having any idea what the content of the magazines would be---I was blown away when I unwrapped these two ‘couldn’t-be-more-perfect-for-each-person’ issues. Maybe you could market Life Magazine as being able to foresee the future of its readers. Thanks for the web site, excellent service and the laugh.—Sincerely--"
Kendall (FL)

"Hello Brenda, The magazine arrived safely today. I've already read it cover to cover! Awesome!! Bought it for my husband's aunt's 70th birthday on June 1st. She'll love it! Thanks for the quick processing and delivery. I will pass your site on to many of our friends and anyone else who is interested in old magazines, etc. What a blessing that you live in Salida. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I know. I always enjoy driving through. Thanks again,"
Jean (NM)

"Your service is great. The magazine arrived yesterday....so very quick. Thank you. And the magazine is in wonderful shape. My daughter will be 50 next year (Jan 1) and I thought it would be fun to assemble some "stuff" from that time. This life issue couldn't be much closer to that date."

"Heya Brenda, I received the two magazines very quickly and in superb condition. Thank you for providing these snapshots of history to those of us who can truly appreciate the era(s) in which they were published."

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today of 2 LIFE magazines rated as good and they are exactly as described. I am very pleased with my purchase and my wife is now looking on your website for magazines as well. Thank you very much,"
Russell (AL)

"Dear Brenda: Thank you for the recent, great transaction. I purchased magazine for a friend and I was pleased at the fast and careful shipping and the great condition of the magazine. I will certainly shop with you again and let my friends know of you in case they are looking for older magazines. thanks again,"
Lianne (NH)

"Dear Brenda: I have received the Life magazine I ordered from you recently. I truly appreciate the fast shipment and prompt service with my order. If I need another Life magazine in the future, I will definitely give you first consideration. It was nice doing business with you and I do hope to do more in the future. Sincerely,"
Gil (TX)

"I received the copy of Life Magazine, November 28, 1955. It has pictures of the United Flight 629, which crashed in Colorado November 1, 1955.One of the victims was a flight attendant who was a former school mate. I had been looking for information about her for some time. After watching a documentary about the crash, a page of Life Magazine was flashed which led to my search of your site. Thank you for your prompt attention to my order, which I received today. The magazine arrived in very good condition. I will surely pass on to others, your timely response and service. Sincerely," Violet (WA)

"Hi Brenda,
I received my Life Magazine yesterday and i just wanted to thank you so much for the extremely prompt shipping. I received it about 3 business days after I ordered it, remarkable! The condition is great, just as advertised. I will definitely be ordering again in the future. Best regards,"
Lauren (CA)

"Dear Brenda, Thank you so much for the delivery of the Life magazine I ordered. It's in great condition and a fascinating read! Thanks again for a great service!!"
Mr. Brendan (UK)

"Thank you for your prompt service. I received my Life magazine in 3 days from order date. It was a birthday present for my daughter in law. She loved the present. I placed the magazine in a hinged shadow box and displayed on an old easel. It was beautiful.
Again, thank you. You will be hearing from me again."
Libby (SC)

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my magazine today and I'm very happy with my purchase and I've liked your Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/vintagemagazines). This issue is very dear to me as my dad, Jack S*, is featured on page 115. I have the page at work in my cube, but have always wanted the magazine and now I have it! Just a little "did you know" about the picture. My dad appears a little googly-eyed because at the time they took the picture, the doctors shorted two wires together and the pacemaker flatlined momentarily! Thank you again!
Julie (CA)

"Brenda, THANK YOU! I'm very happy with the magazine, received yesterday! It's amazing how LARGE the magazine is! And each and every article in the magazine is worth a read -- I'm very happy to have it and will treasure -- and share. And Thank you for our enjoyable communications!'
Annamay (age 90! NY)

"Thank you, Brenda! Got everything in proper order. Amazed at speed and quality!"
Mr.Ilya (MA)

"Thank you so much! I did receive my magazine quickly and in very good condition. I'm putting together a 1970 basket to be auctioned off at our 45th class reunion and the magazine you sent was from the week of our graduation! I will definitely recommend you to others! Sincerely ~"
Mary (PA)

"Thank you for getting the magazines 2 me so quickly. Your company is now in my contact file. I will recommend u to everyone I know."
Bill (CA)

"The magazine arrived earlier than I expected. Was in really good condition and I am totally satisfied with the transaction. Thank you," Bonnie (CA)

"The magazine arrived just now. Thank you. It is exactly as described. Well packaged and sealed. In great shape for its age."
Stuart (IL)

"Hi Brenda. I got the 3 magazines Friday night and was really excited to take a quick look at them. Awesome!!! My wife will love them. She has collected almost all of Mr. Ullman's books and loves to read about climbing from back in the good old days. Thanks so much." Mike (ID)

"Brenda, I will like you on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/vintagemagazines) and I have a historic tidbit for you - the camera that took those photos was not developed to look for plane wrecks as stated in the article. It was developed ... to run surveillance on the Soviet's nuclear missile program during the cold war, after the U2 program was found out. During the height of the Cuban missile crisis, Khrushchev was claiming the Soviets had 172 operational ICBMs pointed at the US. This camera design, mounted to Corona rockets, proved that the Soviets had only 2, the rest were fakes. The US called the Soviet's bluff, thus ending the crisis and the cold war. This info was classified until a few years ago ... Some of the men involved in the project met in secret once every year through the 1990s, and after the de-classification, Khrushchev's son attended their final dinner. They all had a good laugh about the "poker game" they had played and the shaping of the modern political world. True story. It means a lot to my family that you helped us find it (the photo in Life magazine). Thanks."
John (MA)

"Brenda, Thank you for the September 2 1966 Life magazine, It is in great shape. The article on FDR and Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd is the reason I ordered the magazine, living next to the Rutherfurd Mansion it has become a part of our daily lives. The mansion is now a National Historic Landmark along with the train station and is owned by the Allamuchy School District. The magazine will become a part of the on site museum. Thank You."
John (NJ)

"Hello Brenda, Our magazine was delivered today. I could not ask for better service. For you to personally check to see if this would be delivered in time for our birthday celebration was very good of you. The magazine was even in better condition than I thought I read on your website. We will certainly be recommending you to others. We would like to thank you once again. I hope your day is good. You have added a most positive note to our day.
Sheila (MO)

"Brenda, The Life Magazine arrived today - couldn't be happier. Thanks for the prompt shipment and excellent packaging !!!"
Leo (AK)

"Received quickly and in great condition. Always a pleasure!"
Donna (IL)

"Hello Brenda, We received our copy of the May 11, 1942 issue of Life magazine yesterday and are very pleased with it. My mother turns 75 on May 12. This is a birthday gift for her to show her the world into which she was born. Thank you so much,"
Risa (DC)


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