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Starting in January 2018, we are moving the LIFE magazines on this website over to our main website www.2neat.com
Please be patient - for the next few months, some years of LIFE will be on this site and some will be on the other site.
I will watch for orders from both sites and combine shipping as needed.
FREE standard shipping available for orders over $69 in the USA.
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Shipping Information for orders from 2Neat Magazines

Frequently asked questions pertaining to shipping costs.

Shipping Costs

Other Shipping Questions

Shipping Costs

Why is Priority shipping the default "standard" shipping type? The two cheapest forms of legal shipping inside the USA for a magazine with advertisements in it are PRIORITY MAIL and STANDARD POST (the old Parcel Post). At the weight of a single magazine, these two services cost about the same. Priority mail is also much faster than Standard Post. Since the cost is so similar, it is better for you (the customer) to receive the magazine quickly and better for the magazine to spend less time in the postal system, which can sometimes be rough. The postal service recently raised their prices yet again, but are still cheaper than other shippers.

Why are your shipping costs so high inside the United States? HA - they are NOT! In fact, as a bonus to you, my Flat Rate charge for the first issue and low increments thereafter means you are usually paying considerably LESS than what I pay for shipping. There is NO hidden padding of the shipping charge, it is usually less than actual cost regardless of shipping type. I do make use of Flat Rate boxes where possible to help you save on shipping.

The online shopping cart sometimes overestimates the weight of a package with multiple magazines and, thus, sometimes overcharges the shipping cost. I watch these orders and refund part of the shipping cost if an over-charge happened.

How much of a charge do you add for Packaging and Handling? ZERO - ZILCH - NADA. I do not add a packaging or handling charge except for Standard Post shipping where I charge for the protective packaging which is fairly expensive (about $1). In most cases you are paying less for shipping than the actual charge.

Why don't you offer cheap MEDIA MAIL shipping? Individual publications that contain advertisements legally cannot be shipped via MEDIA MAIL. Yes, some unscrupulous sellers do ship via MM, but these packages are liable to be opened en route by the postal service and the package will arrive significantly late and postage due or be returned to the sender. I would consider that a failing on my part if my customer had to pay extra postage or their package was delayed or returned. In addition, Media Mail can take weeks to be delivered, and this is always a negative experience for the customer.

I don't need the magazine quickly, is there a cheap - slow shipping type available? The only "Cheaper - Slower" shipping method available inside the USA is STANDARD POST (the old Parcel Post) and that choice is available when checking out via the online shopping cart. For a single magazine, Standard Post is usually not significantly cheaper. In fact, due to my low "flat rate" Priority shipping for the first issue, Standard Post is usually more expensive than Priority. As the weight of the package increases, Standard Post sometimes becomes enough cheaper to be worth the delay.

Priority Flat rate box shipping is cheaper than the amount quoted - can you use a FR box? Yes, I can and do use Priority Flat Rate boxes whenever possible. Most Life magazines, however, are too long to fit in a Priority Flat Rate box without damage. If the content and weight of your order make a Priority Flat Rate box more economical, then I use one.

Other Shipping Questions

How quickly will my order be shipped? We ship within 24 hours of receiving your payment. If you pay by Credit Card or Paypal (any method except eCheck), your order will be shipped within a day of when it was placed. If you pay by Paypal eCheck or via mailed check or money order, your order will be shipped when we receive the payment. ** We will email you when your order is shipped.

How will my purchase be packed? We package professionally : all magazines are in archival polypropylene storage bags and are shipped in a stiff, flat, container, so damage is not likely. Your name and address is also inside the package. If a package is undeliverable, it will be returned to us. Please open the box carefully to avoid damaging the magazine with a razor knife.

What are the shipping charges? When you click a "Buy Now" to purchase a magazine, you are transferred to the order form on the secure server. The order form will ask for your shipping destination and then will give you several choices for shipping with the price of each. Additional magazines are a smaller increment.

Do you ship outside of the United States? YES. We are happy to ship internationally. All prices are in United States dollars ($US). To check the total in your currency, here is a link to a currency converter. - XE.com Currency Converter . Please do not ask us to falsify the customs forms, thank you.

Are you able to accommodate special shipping requests? Generally YES.
We ship ONLY via the USPS Postal Service. Our online system offers shipping choices that should suit everyone.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING : Surface International Shipping is NO longer available from the US Postal Service. International First Class Air mail shipping is now the cheapest service available.

OVERNIGHT SHIPPING : Please note, overnight shipping may take as long as three days to reach you depending on your location and the time of day your order comes in, though most items are delivered the next day. The Express truck leaves our town at 1 p.m. (1300) Rocky Mountain time. All Express orders received after that time go out the next day. Third day delivery generally happens only if a Sunday or Holiday fall in the middle of your delivery period.

I paid by PAYPAL and the "ship to" information I entered is gone!?
If you paid via PAYPAL, your "automatic order confirmation email" will be the PAYPAL "payment sent" email.
No worries, I receive BOTH the PAYPAL "payment received" email AND the full order form you filled out.
Thus, I DO see any special messages and different "ship to" addresses as entered on the order form..
If still concerned, just send me a separate email with the "Ship to" information and the name used for the order.

If I order from both magazine websites, can shipping be combined? Yes, no problem. The two websites and their shopping carts are different systems and are not connected. Thus, you'll need to place both orders separately. I watch for this kind of paired order, combine the magazines into a single package and refund savings in shipping to you. The other magazine website (2Neat.com) is for LOOK Magazines and early Life magazines (and a few random others) - visit it here https://2neat.com/magazine/