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2Neat Magazines Order FAQ

Frequently asked questions pertaining to orders from 2Neat Magazines

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What are reasons to email prior to placing an order?
1. You have a question about an item, for example, you need me to check that a magazine has the article you seek. Your may also enter this in the Comments section as you order.
2. You want more than one copy of a single item in the same condition. You can email first to verify availability, or go ahead with your order, but please give us directions in the COMMENTS box telling me what we should do if we do not have as many copies as you want. For example, shall we substitute copies in other conditions, refund only for issues not available, or cancel the entire order

May I order more than one copy of a single date and condition? Often we have multiple copies of the magazines listed, usually for "GOOD" copies, rarely for VG, almost never for EXC or F or P. You can email first to verify availability, or go ahead with your order, but please give us directions in the COMMENTS box telling me what we should do if we do not have as many copies as you want. For example, shall we substitute copies in other conditions, refund only for issues not available, or cancel the entire order.


What does the RESERVED button mean? When you see a reserved button, it means that the magazine is not available. In most cases, we are holding it on reserve pending the arrival of a mailed payment.

Are all the items on the website currently available? Yes, each item with a simple "Buy It" button should be available - we update our site multiple times a day. Items with a reserved magazine button are NOT available. On rare occasions, two persons will order the same item at the same time. Should that happen, we will contact the second person with a refund and an apology.

What if I have a question before ordering? Please email us - We try to answer all questions promptly.

I cannot find what I need, what should I do? Try the search feature on our search hints page (on the INFO tab) or ask us. We have ONLY the magazines listed on the site.

How is magazine condition described? The heaviest sign of use (in any form) is almost always what dictates the grade of the magazine and we place a lot of weight on the condition of the cover. Detailed definitions and condition information here. Please ask if you need more. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Which condition grade is good enough for framing? We encourage you to tell us if you wish to frame the cover or an interior page, so that we may select the issue most suited to your needs. Frequently it will be possible to purchase a less expensive issue when only one page or the cover needs to be in very good condition. In general, all EXC and VG issues have frameable covers, but many of the G, F, and P issues have frameable covers as well. Interior pages are even more likely to be in good condition, but rarely an inside page will have a tear or soil. We do not consider the presence of an address label to detract from framability.

Why are some magazine descriptions longer than others? The 2Neat magazines business is still growing. Every time we add another shipment of magazines to our site, we take time to type longer descriptions for all new magazines as well as some of those already listed. Eventually, each issue will have a lengthy description. The length of the description in no way represents the value of the issue - all of the issues have many interesting features and other pieces. All descriptions represent a SAMPLE of the text, photos, and advertisements in the issue, NOT the entire content. By the way, if you see these exact descriptions on another seller's page, please tell us and please do not patronize that seller. Someone so unscrupulous as to steal all of this hard work and months of effort is not someone you should trust as an honest business person.


What is the process of ordering from 2Neat Magazines?

1. Place your order via the on-line order system and click submit on the last page.
2. You will receive an automatic order confirmation email almost instantly. For persons who pay via Paypal, the Paypal "payment sent" email is your confirmation. If you do not receive the automatic email, you may have entered your email address incorrectly or your spam filter may have caught the email by mistake. Please check your "deleted emails" folder first. If it is not there, please email us directly to verify that your order has been received. Thank you.
3. If you have paid by Credit Card or Paypal, your order will be shipped within 24 hours (usually the same day it is received).
4. If you have chosen to pay by check or money order, we must receive your payment in $US within 10 days (14 days for international orders). Your order will be shipped upon receipt of your payment.. Please mail payments Payable to : BRENDA WIARD, 146 West 6th Street, Salida, CO 81201.
5. We will email you again when your order has been shipped.

I paid by PAYPAL and the "ship to" information I entered is gone!?

If you paid via PAYPAL, your "automatic order confirmation email" will be the PAYPAL "payment sent" email.
No worries, I receive BOTH the PAYPAL "payment received" email AND the full order form you filled out.
Thus, I do see any special messages and different "ship to" addresses as entered on the order form.

How safe is it to order from 2Neat Magazines? 2Neat Books and Magazines is proud to be a registered Colorado Business and a Paypal premier member. Online credit card payments are collected on a secure server. The order system includes a choice of shipping speeds and additional options to pay by Paypal, Credit Card, check or money order. We welcome international customers! Ask if you have questions.

Colorado Sales Tax License Paypal Verified we accept VISA, Discover,Mastercard and American Express Stripe payment services

Check out some of the feedback from our other happy customers! Read some of the comments from our 2Neat customers or scan our more than 1,600 positive feedbacks on eBay (where we used to sell) (scroll down there to see actual comments).

Is it neccessary to use the on-line ordering system to place an order? YES, please use the on-line ordering system for all orders. You will have the choice to pay by credit card (AMEX, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa) on our secure server, Paypal, check or money order. All payments should be in US Dollars.

What are my choices for payment? You will have the choice to pay by credit card (AMEX, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa), Paypal, check or money order. All payments should be in US Dollars. Your Credit Card statement will show "2Neat Books" as the business, it is our companion business. Mailed payments should be Payable to : BRENDA WIARD, 146 West 6th Street, Salida, CO 81201.

How quickly must I pay? If you are paying by credit card or Paypal, your payment will be processed as you order. If you are mailing payment to us, we must receive it within ten days (14 days for orders outside the USA).


SHIPPING : (See our Shipping FAQ page for more information on shipping).

How quickly will my order be shipped? We usually ship within 24 hours of receiving your payment. If you pay by Credit Card or Paypal (any method except eCheck), your order will be shipped within a day of when it was placed. If you pay by Paypal eCheck or via mailed check or money order, your order will be shipped when we receive the payment. ** We will email you when your order is shipped.

How will my purchase be packed? We package professionally : all magazines are in archival polypropylene storage bags and are shipped in a stiff, flat, container, so damage is not likely. If a package is undeliverable, it will be returned to us. Please open the box carefully to avoid damaging the magazine.

What are the shipping charges? The order form will ask for your shipping destination and then will give you several choices for shipping with the price of each. As a bonus to our customers, we now have a low Flat Rate Priority Mail charge for the first magazine in the USA - this amount is LESS than what we pay to ship the package in most cases. Additional magazines are a smaller increment.

Do you ship outside of the United States? YES. We are happy to ship internationally. All prices are in United States dollars ($US). To check the total in your currency, here is a link to a currency converter. - XE.com Currency Converter . Please do not ask us to falsify the customs forms, thank you.

Are you able to accommodate special shipping requests? Generally YES.

We ship ONLY via the USPS Postal Service. Our online system offers shipping choices that should suit everyone.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING : Surface International Shipping is no longer available from the US Postal Service. International First Class Air mail shipping is now the cheapest service available.

OVERNIGHT SHIPPING : Please note, overnight shipping may take as long as three days to reach you depending on your location, though most items are delivered the next day. The Express truck leaves our town at 1 p.m. (1300) Rocky Mountain time. All Express orders received after that time go out the next day. Third day delivery generally happens only if a Sunday or Holiday fall in the middle of your delivery period.



How should I take care of my vintage magazine? In general, these classic magazines are not fragile. However, the following tips will help preserve your magazine for years of enjoyment.
1. Continue to store the magazine in the acid-free, archival-quality plastic bag in which it is shipped to you.
2. Store the magazine flat in a dry place out of direct sunlight.
3. Avoid pressing the magazine entirely flat when open. It is better to allow the center to retain the slight curve.
4. If the magazine has a slight odor when it arrives, this can be eliminated by a few days of airing while opened out..
5. Page edges, especially where the paper is tanned, may be more brittle - handle page edges gently.

I need an invoice, will one be sent? In most cases, the automatic order confirmation email works well as an invoice. If you need more than this, please let us know.

I have magazines to sell, are you interested in purchasing them? We are purchasing only LOOK magazines in bulk from 1930-1959 now.

Will you scan something for me and email it? NO. We are sorry, but we no longer have time for this service.

Is my satisfaction guaranteed? We guarantee your satisfaction with the condition of the magazine as listed - if you have a problem, please email us and we will do our best to fix it. We carefully examine, grade, and store our magazines, but we are human and a mistake is possible. We do ask that you read our condition page carefully before placing your order and ask any questions prior to ordering. If you order a magazine in Poor condition, we expect you to be happy with a magazine in Poor condition. Should you feel that we have incorrectly graded your magazine and are unhappy with it because of that, you may return it to us in the same condition within ten days for a refund. Should this become necessary, please alert us ahead of time. We cannot guarantee delivery dates, sorry - that is in the hands of the US Postal Service.

Is a return or exchange possible? We no longer make exchanges or accept returns for "Wrong Issue." Too many of our customers abused this service to make copies or read articles, treating us as if we were a lending library. If you need to verify that the issue you ordered contains a certain photo or article, please ask for this in the comments section on the order form. Please note : If we mailed you the wrong issue by mistake, we are very happy to correct the problem.

What is your privacy policy? We never share your information with anyone. The only emails you will receive from us will pertain directly to your order.

Is Sales Tax applicable to my order? If we are shipping to an address in the state of Colorado (USA), a sales tax of 2.9% will be applied to your order.

May I use your magazine descriptions and photos? This website and the content of the website are protected by copyright - we do NOT grant permission to reproduce our website content. It took us many months to personally examine each magazine, select items of interest, and type original descriptive paragraphs for each issue. We also devoted considerable time to photographing the magazines. We continue to expand and enhance written descriptions and photographic content. Both current and past variations on our content are protected by copyright. We actively watch eBay and the rest of the internet for infringing uses of our material and also ask our customers to alert us if they see this content in use elsewhere.



The Original Life Magazine : The true FIRST "Life Magazine" was a weekly humorous social commentary publication known for its cartoons, art, amusement, news, personalities, sport, theater reviews, and more. It was published from 1883 - November of 1936. For most of it's run, it was a weekly magazine in small format, changing to monthly just before the name "Life magazine" was sold to the new, more common LIFE magazine. To read more about the Orginal Life, we encourage you to visit our companion website www.2neat.com.

Life Magazine International Edition : These issues were distributed in various countries other than the US, typically in the UK, Europe and Asia. Each biweekly issue contains selected content of international interest from the previous two "regular" Life Magazine issues. There is very little advertising content, so these issues tend to be thinner. The cover may be one of the previously published "regular" Life covers or another photo relating to the international stories featured in the issue. The International Editions began as early as 1946 and ran as late as 1969. International Editions are much less common than the regular editions. A 1969 issue of LIFE International Edition mentions two regional issues, LIFE Atlantic and LIFE Asia, though it is not labeled as either on the cover and doesn't even say "International" on the cover.

Life Magazine Australian Edition : I have not yet handled any of these to be able to compare them to "regular" editions.

Life Magazine Atlantic Edition : I have not yet handled any of these to be able to compare them to "regular" editions. I know they were published biweekly and that their end date is probably around the end of 1970.

Life en Español - Spanish Language Version : These issues were published for distribution in Mexico, Central and South America. The First Spanish Language version of Life Magazine was published in January of 1953. Spanish Language Editions are much less common than the regular editions. An issue from 1966 listed distribution countries as Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Espana, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and others (hidden by label). Content appears to be selected from at least two issues of the English language version published a month earlier, plus some new content of specifically hispanic interest.

Life Magazine - Overseas Edition for Armed Fores : SCARCE! I have seen only one of these, from January 21, 1946, so I do not know the date range (if any). Printed on the cover where the price would normally be is this phrase "Distributed by Special Services Division, A.S.F., U.S. Army, Not for sale." Content appears to be very similar to the Regular issue of LIFE, but there are NO ADS and the magazine is slimmer.

Life Magazine - MINI-editions : SCARCE. I have seen two different mini versions of LIFE magazine. One has the same cover as the first edition of LIFE magazine, November 23, 1936 and was glued inside the special embossed brown binder issued for the first group of LIFE magazines. The other MINI issue has the same cover as LIFE magazine January 27, 1958 and was also apparently glued inside a binder, though I have not seen it in situ yet. These measure about 3 1/4 inches x 2 1/2 inches, have around 20 pages and have sample content from a range of issues close to the cover image date. These cute, little mini-magazines are some kind of promotional printing.

Life Magazine - SMALL Edition : I have seen only one version of this size and it has the same cover as the first edition of LIFE magazine, November 23, 1936. These are fairly common and were clearly either a subscription aid or a bonus for subscribers. They measure 8 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches. The content inside is an exact reproduction of the content of the first issue of LIFE magazine, but reduced in size.

Life Magazine - Reprints : I have seen only two reprints (other than the Mini and Small versions mentioned above, and Kennedy Memorial issues) from the original LIFE magazine series. The reprints were of the December 22, 1941 issue - the famous "America Goes to War" issue printed just after the attack on Pearl Harbor and the July 2, 1945 issue - the U.S. Navy defending Independence. They seem to be exact reprints (same content), but are a smaller size 11"x8".